Dairy, food and ice cream industry.

Stability, uniformity, long life, digestibility, best appearance, colour and flavour improving. These are just some of the main advantages you can obtain by using the Homogenizer for treating common foodstuff. The results, in economic and qualitative terms, make the use of the new FBF ITALIA technology particularly convenient.

Here a small showcase of products that can be homogenized:

Additives - Almond milk - Animal fats - Arabic gum - Baby food - Butter oil - Caseinates - Condensed milk - Cooking cream - Cream - Cream cheese - Dessert - Egg based liquor - Eggs - Emulsion - Flavours - Fruit and Tomato Concentrate - Fruit juices - fruit pulps - Gelatins - Honey - Ice cream mix - Ketchup - Milk - Milk cream based liquors - Milk for yoghurt - Milk protein - Puddings - Recombined milk - Rice milk - Sauce - Soya Milk - Tomato juices - Vegetable fats - Vegetable Oil � Yoghurt


The "Millenium Series" homogenizers are in conformity with CEE laws and are available with capacities from 50 to 50.000 LPH, with homogenizing pressure till 2.000 bar


  • Aseptic, for UHT plants.
  • With Second Homogenizing Stage.
  • Standard, for the processing of "non abrasive" products such as milk, yoghurt, creams, etc.
  • Abrasive, for the processing of "abrasive" products such as fruit juices, ice-cream, ketchup, etc.
  • Electrical plant for fixed capacity.
  • Electrical board + variable capacity.
  • Electrical plant for two fixed capacity.
  • Partial automation of the machine, with the possibility to operate on it in a manual way and or from PLC on the plant.
  • Pulsation damper on the product inlet/outlet.
  • Pressure transducer with digital indicator placed on the control panel of the machine.
  • Partial homogenization plant.
  • Automatic disconnection of the homogenizing pressure in case of wrong supplying of incorrect feeding pressure to the machine